About Mimi Zhang-Mackie


Mimi Zhang-Mackie was born in Jinan, Shandong Province of China. She graduated from Jinan Technical Art School. Mimi moved to Canada in 1999, where she met her husband. Together they settled in the Peace Country and began raising their family.

Mimi’s favorite medium is watercolor.  She uses the unpredictability of the medium to her advantage,   to create artworks that flow and have a magical quality. She also draws in graphite realism. Mimi is a gifted art instructor and has taught many Peace Country students to draw.




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3 thoughts on “About Mimi Zhang-Mackie

  1. Drawing and Painting Help

    Dear Fellow Art Enthusiast:

    I believe artists should share what they have learned over the years with those who like to paint and draw. For the past two years, my Daughter and I have worked hard to build great “How to Art Videos”. These videos are short and focus on individual subjects.

    To reach our site:

    1) Highlight and paste the link below to your server. To subscribe, click on the red button (Big thanks!!)


    2) Then, if you feel the videos are worth sharing with your community, add one to your Facebook page. (HUGE THANKS!!)



  2. Absolutely love your watercolours. I am yearning to learn and will be returning to the Peace Country soon. Do you give workshops?


    1. Hi, glad to hear that you enjoy my watercolors, thank you! Watercolour is a such fantastic medium! Sooooo much fun….I have been busy for couple of shows in September, and hopefully will organize a watercolour workshop in the fall. We will keep in touch. Thank you again! Mimi


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